The Cable Industry in the U.S.


The story of the cable industry is a remarkable story of entrepreneurs, risk-taking and an explosion of new services and programming for consumers. Cable's future is full of promise as America enters into a new era - you could call it Internet 3.0 - providing consumers even more.

Our industry's core business of providing a superior video experience that offers quality programming and increasing value continues to be unsurpassed and to garner ever-increasing ratings and awards. Our entire industry has embraced the high-definition revolution to an extent barely imaginable just a few years ago.

Cable's development of the nation's most widely available broadband infrastructure ensures that the industry's economic impact is felt in every state and nearly every community. Billions of dollars in private capital have led to the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs. Over the past five years, cable industry employment directly or indirectly accounted for nearly five percent of all net new jobs created in the U.S.

The benefits of cable's broadband infrastructure extend well beyond economics, providing consumers more competition, choice and value. In the blink of an eye, cable phone service has gained 15 million subscribers who are saving billions annually. And networks increasingly use the Internet and the broadband platform to ensure our customers experience what they want, wherever they want it.

In 2008 we celebrated the first 60 years of cable in America. Our industry got started in Arkansas, Oregon and Pennsylvania to enhance reception of broadcast TV in hilly regions. I'm quite certain no one ever imagined how cable would transform the entertainment, information and communications experience for millions of consumers. It's a history that everyone in our industry should be proud of and a legacy which we will continue to build upon.

Kyle McSlarrow
President & CEO of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA)

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